Homework at Wheatley Park School

All Homework at Wheatley Park School is set on classroom.google.com.

Homework is a crucial part of the learning experience of students at Wheatley Park School. As well as providing the opportunity to revisit and consolidate concepts learnt in lessons as well as explore new ideas. The independent learning and self-management skills developed through managing a range of homework tasks are also key skills to develop for later life.

Homework at Wheatley Park will involve a range of tasks, appropriate to different subject areas. The schedule for homework is set out below, as well as further information about expectations of students and how homework is set.

Setting and Completion of Homework

Setting of Homework

Homework is set for all students via Google Classroom. Each class has their own Google Classroom page where homework can be found and students also receive an email informing them of the homework as well as a calendar notification. Parents with registered email addresses also have the option to receive notifications of homework that has been set.

Year 7 students are also expected to record all homework in their student planner. Teachers will provide time in lessons for them to do this.

Key Stage 3 Standard Homeworks

All Key Stage 3 classes receive one standardised homework per fortnight. These are published below on the Monday of each Week 1. Teachers will set a specific due date for their class via Google Classroom but the publication of the homework in advance is aimed at helping students and parents plan their week in advance.

Completion of Homework

Completion of homework to a high quality is an expectation of all students at Wheatley Park and failure to meet this expectation will result in a sanction in line with our behaviour policy. Where there are exceptional circumstances which may have prevented the completion of a homework by the due date parents are asked to contact the class teacher or write a note the student planner (Y7 only) to inform the teacher.

Homework Club

Homework Club is available to students in all years and takes place in the Farndell Library from 3-4pm each Monday-Thursday. Students can work independently on homework and receive support from staff where appropriate.

Homework Schedule

Years 7 and 8

Year 7 Each piece of homework should take around 30 minutes to complete.

Year 8 Each piece of homework should take around 40 minutes to complete.

For English, Maths, Science, Geography, HIstory and French, homework will be set weekly. For all other subjects, homework will be set fortnightly.

Years 9 - 11

Year 9 Each piece of homework should take around 50 minutes to complete and will be set weekly for all subjects.

Years 10/11 Each piece of homework should take around 1 hour to complete and will be set weekly for all subjects.

Students will be expected to complete required coursework and exam preparation tasks as appropriate.

Year 12 - 13

A minimum of five hours of independent study will be set, per subject per week.